Space Invaders Web Design Co.

eCommerce Website Design

Building eCommerce websites is my specialty. I've been involved with eCommerce and online retail in New Zealand since 2002 and know all about selling online from personal experience. I can tailor make a website to your specific requirements all backed up by a Content Management System (CMS) called Vendorama that allows you to control what you want to sell online.

I've personally used the Vendo system since 2006 so know what it takes to sell online. I can build you a website that not only looks good, but importantly, will be search engine friendly, customer friendly, and easy to use for both yourself and your customers.

Just as form doesn't always follow function, good design doesn't always mean good sales, so I'm going to ensure that we design a site for you that not only meets your needs, but importantly also meets your customers needs.
I'll make sure it works for you with good inbuilt SEO, functional design, and ease of use for your customers.

If you're new to eCommerce I can also advise you on how to set up and run an online business, what's required to make it succeed and how to do it. If you need some help we can do it ALL for you - from setting up your payment gateways and merchant accounts, to advising on courier companies, Google Webmaster account, help you with your Google Places and Google Analytics account, advise you on Facebook, Instagram - plus loads more.

Selling online with your own store is a great way of building a business from home. However the truth is, just because you have an online store, doesn't necessarily mean you're going to sell anything through it. That's where my years of experience in running eCommerce stores can really help you out.

One of the main issues with having an online store is keeping your product range up to date with all your new products and correct pricing. If having the time to update or keep your site current is what is holding you back from selling online, talk to me about your needs.

I can help with regular product uploads and updates, and keep your website working, and selling, for you.

Get in touch with Space Invaders now and find out how I can help you succeed online.