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Website Packages

If you're wanting to get a new website built, or upgrade from an old one, we have several off the shelf packages available to suit different requirements and budgets. We can also customize a package to suit your specific needs so if you don't see something here that suits please contact us with your requirements. With all packages, you simply provide us with your logo, product, or service images, and the information you want to have on the website. We'll then build a website to suit your needs and design requirements. We recommend and use TWO e-Commerce Control Management Systems (CMS) - Vendo, and Shopify for building and managing all the websites we build.

Whether you need a website built for your retail store, in the trade like a builder, plumber or photographer, or if you're a wholesaler needing a wholesale web portal or supply site, we can do it for you.

Level 1 Entry Level Website TEMPLATE - just $599 PLUS $25 per month site hosting fee (prices include GST).

When you want a simple information website, or "brochure" style website designed to get you online with minimal fuss this is a great package at a super low price. This is a basic website template customised to your branding and business to get you only quickly and economically. You'll get a good functional design at a great entry level price. If your product and service offering doesn't change very frequently and you don't require regular changes to be made this is the ideal solution. It gives your business a simple "load it and leave it" solution that offers you a great online marketing tool. This is ideal for service businesses like Plumbers, Fencers, Electricians, Builders and Landscapers. We'll also submit your site to Google and other major search engines to help get you found easily online.

Level 2 CUSTOM - $970 PLUS $25 per month site hosting fee

We can give you the same package above but with a 100% custom design. The only ongoing cost here is your yearly domain name registration normally around $30 to $40, and a $25 per month site hosting charge. If in future you do require content or image updates we can make these for you quickly and easily for an economical rate.

The Level 1 and Level 2 packages include your THREE Core pages, as well as extra product or service information pages - your Home Page which is the page your domain name directs to; a Contact page, with built in Contact form and Google Maps; and an About Us page, which usually has a small amount of information about what makes you tick. Plus we'll also include a handful of extra information pages regarding your products or services offered.

Check out for an example of Level 2 website that we've built.

Level 3 CUSTOM WITH CMS - $1470 PLUS $99 per Month Site Hosting and CMS Support.

You get all of the above features and pages, however with the added ability to self edit your site when you need to. We'll build you site on an easy to use CMS, or Content Management System. Your website will be custom designed to your requirements, and we'll load it with all the required data you want to include. Once you've approved the final site, it goes live and we'll provide you with a user name and password so you can log into the the CMS and edit information as and when you need to. This is ideal if your business has fluctuating product prices or service offerings, or simply if you want to keep your site updated and current. These websites are truely scalable as your business and product offering grows so you won't be limited by how large you want this website.

Check out for an example of Level 3 website that we've built.

e-Commerce Packages:

Level 4 CUSTOM eCommerce Go Pack - $3770 PLUS $99 per Month Site Hosting and CMS Support.

I specialise in developing eCommerce solutions built on an easy to use e-cCommerce Content management system called Vendo. This not only makes it easy for you to manage your store, it helps cut down on back end development time. This means saving us time and saving you money as we can keep the price down but still give you all the full features you'd expect of e-commerce websites three, four, or even five times the price. Plus it's still fully customised to you, and not a template or same old design you've seen a million times before.

All our eCommerce websites are Search Engine Optimised (SEO) and search engine friendly helping ensure your product gets found easier online. Vendo has been in use since 2003 and is constantly being improved, similar to the way your operating system works on your computer, Vendo has a core code-base that is continually upgraded and improved. That ensures your web-site doesn't become out of date, with extended functionality added that you can switch on when you need it. It is a simple to operate interface that allows you to take control of what's displayed on your website, giving you the power to update your website if, and when you need to. The eCommerce or shopping side of the website allows you to add as many products as you like, whenever you like, structured automatically with Google-friendly architecture and valid HTML.

You can take real time Credit card payment through the worlds biggest payment gateway Paypal, as well as one of NZ's most trusted payment gateways Payment Express, as well as Bank deposit or charge to account. You can upload product images that are then automatically resized to suit the website and set your pricing, with RRP and sale pricing etc, just like how you sell products in your retail store. If you're a wholesaler you can also set up wholesale accounts and wholesale pricing.

The Vendo CMS is essentially the backbone for the entire website and gives you the ability to scale and design your website as you need. It's very Google and SEO friendly, and includes built in Google Analytics reporting. You don't have to learn any code or create separate meta tags; Vendo generates the perfectly formatted code for you, on-the-fly.

We've developed and written a Vendo User guide that is included free with all Vendo packages to help you make updates to your website when you need to.

The Level 4 eCommerce Go Package includes a website, custom designed to your business. It's all set up ready to go - you let us know what categories and or brands you want to sell your products under and we'll build an intuitive site that your customers will find easy to use and love to shop on. And don't worry about your business outgrowing this package - you can add as many products as you want, 100, 1,000, or 10,000 products, there's no limit to the number.

Plus we'll pre-load it with up to 20 products - simply provide us with the images and product information and we'll load them up. We'll custom edit the product copy and descriptions for best SEO or Search Engine Optimisation so you know what to do when loading all of your products. You can then use those as examples to load your full product range. Plus to help ensure you're not left in the dark about how to operate the website we'll include up to Two hours personal instruction on using the system, email assistance, plus our VENDO user guide so you've got something to turn to when using the system.

If you've got a Facebook page we also integrate a Facebook fan feed or likes feed onto your website, plus we'll include a Mobile Friendly and Tablet Friendly versions of your website as well - mobile eCommerce is booming however a regular website doesn't view to well on a tablet or mobile phone. We'll customize a template of your website to suit a smaller screen and it will automatically resize itself to suit the operating system being used without the need for your customer to choose or download an app.

Level 5 eCommerce Super Site - $4770 PLUS $99 per Month Site Hosting and CMS Support.

But wait ,there's more. For the absolute full monty you can get all of the above plus
- You’ll get set you up with a Google Analytics, Google Places, Google Adwords and Google Webmaster Tools account.
- You’ll get set you up with a FaceBook page and/or Google+ page,
- You’ll get your Paypal Business account set up and operational for you.
- We'll register your domain name and setup all your email addresses for you.

What’s Not Included in the Package Prices above (unless specified):
- Logo and Brand Design - we'll design your new website around your current logo and branding. If you're a new business needing a new logo, or just want a refreshed logo/branding done we can do that for a little bit extra.
- Domain name registration - you can easily register your domain name online or let us take care of it for $45 for a one year registration.
- Email - if you are registering a new domain name you will need appropriate email addresses set up, these can either be arranged when you register your domain name or if you get us to register your domain for you we can set up the addresses for you (up to five different email address, SPAM filter service extra).
- Monthly Hosting & Support - there is an ongoing Monthly fee of $99 for website hosting and technical support from the Vendo Content Management System developers, including back end bug fixes and updated features.
- Custom copy writing and image editing - we require all images and website "copy" (the information on your website) to be provided in digital format. We can correct spelling and or grammatical errors and will resize images as needed. However if copy writing is required or major graphic or image work is needed eg logo creation/redrawing, or photo retouching, these will be charged out at our normal hourly rate.

Do you want it all done for you?

We can customise and add to any of the above e-Commerce packages. If you don't feel confident in adding products or updating your website, or don't have time to constantly be adding or updating your products online, for a little bit extra, we can do it all for you. We'll build it using the CMS backend and then when you want new products email or contact us and we'll add them for you, charged out at a pre-agreed hourly rate. We can load ALL of your products from the outset - simply provide us with your full catalogue, suppliers websites, or links to your products and we can add everything - images, webcopy, meta descriptions etc so you'll be good to go from day one.

Get in touch with us today by phone or email and find out how easily we can help you get online. Please Note: All Prices Quoted INCLUDE GST.